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The lens is a medical device that is used in order to correct, protect and improve eyesight and it is available in a wide range of materials and refractive indexes.

We have several types of lenses to meet your every requirement:

  • Progressive lenses: :
    These aim to meet all your visual needs with one lens: the upper part allows you to see at a distance, the middle part allows you to see things and people at an average distance and the lower part makes it possible for you to focus on things and people close-up.
  • Mono-focal lenses: :
    these have a single power lens and they make it possible to correct visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. On the other hand, they can also be used for presbyopic patients in order to only focus on close-up vision.
  • Bifocal lenses: :
    the use of these lenses has been replaced by the introduction of progressive lenses; however, for those who still prefer to use them, they allow you to see at a distance and, a smaller lens inserted into the lower part, allows you to focus on close-up vision.

All three alternatives can also be applied to sunglasses if they have coloured or photochromic lenses.

All our lenses are produced using state-of-the-art digital technology which allows us to obtain a better lens both from a corrective and an aesthetic point of view. This process, called Free-Form, is used to produce both custom-designed mono-focal and progressive lenses.

The surface of lenses made of both organic and mineral materials can be subjected to hardening, anti-reflective, colour and mirroring treatments; photochromatic, or light-sensitive lenses are also available.

Our most recent products are polarised lenses which provide optimal visibility in bright sunshine and especially for outdoor sports activities.

Come and discover our most recent innovation! A treatment which blocks out the harmful blue rays of light emitted by a plethora of electronic devices such as tablets, PCs and smartphones; these are ideal for those who spend many hours in front of the computer or who frequently use mobile devices.


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