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With more than sixty years in the eyewear business, Demenego is today one of the most active and enterprising Italian companies in the eyewear sector.

Attention to design, creativity and innovation, and the search for a balance between aesthetics and functionality, have contributed to the creation of products with an unmistakable style and have allowed us to develop strategic paths in collaboration with prestigious sports and fashion brands. This has led to the creation of exclusive collections, produced under worldwide licence, alongside the company's own brand product lines.

Growth through creativity and innovation, with a view to product and service quality, are strategic elements for the company. Customer satisfaction is the focal point, favouring a dimension that has made dynamism and flexibility strong elements of distinction. This has allowed Demenego to gain the loyalty of customers in Italy and worldwide, developing a commercial presence in over 80 countries and a network of specialised sales outlets.

Beppino De Menego, born in Calalzo di Cadore, the home of glasses and lenses production, begins working in the lens sector at a very young age as an employee of Franco Cian in Domegge di Cadore and then in the Bonazzola company, an important production company in Calalzo di Cadore, acquiring excellent knowledge in all areas of production.


Beppino immediately shows a great predisposition for entrepreneurship and after a few years, in 1960, he sets up his own business, founding together with his brother and sister the company LAL Lavorazione Artigiana Lenti s.n.c. in Calalzo di Cadore for the production of optical and sun lenses.


At the end of the ‘70s, he creates a network of subcontractors to whom he entrusts equipment and raw materials for the production of his company’s products. In the meantime, the company focuses even more on wholesale and marketing. At the same time, he founds the company METALMARWEN s.r.l. for the production of metal eyewear to complete the range of products offered to its customers.


Beppino leaves the family company and, together with his wife and children, sets up a new company, DE MENEGO DEA s.r.l.. The company marketed lenses worldwide and later on started selling also metal and plastic frames.


The current DEMENEGO SpA was founded on 5th March 1982 by Beppino De Menego, who was always accompanied and supported by his wife and children. The company moved to a new and larger building where it transferred its offices and warehouses, continuing to use the old premises for the production of metal glasses with a new artisan firm under the name of DA RIN MARIA LUISA s.n.c.


The increasing development of eyewear sales leads to an increasing specialisation in frames and the consequent opening of a new production area.


DM IMMAGINE s.r.l. is founded with the innovative goal of marketing eyewear under the new "John Lennon" licence and other recently acquired brands through a dedicated telephone network. The automation of the warehouse and the shipments is a feather in the organisation's cap


Many companies are founded in the subsequent years: ALUSTYLE S.R.L. in San Vito al Tagliamento, specialising in the production and anodising of aluminium glasses with cutting-edge equipment; DM TECHNOLOGY SRL in Forni di Sopra; DM LUX s.r.l. in Lozzo di Cadore, for the galvanising and colouring of metal frames. This was followed by the entry into the companies DM EXTREME s.r.l. and FINILUX s.r.l., which dealt with the finishing and assembling of the production coming from the companies in Calalzo and Forni.


The company focuses mostly on wholesale and retail, mainly abroad but also in Italy, selling eyewear with its own registered trademarks and licenced brands, including: John Lennon, Dunlop, Luciano Soprani, Tonino Lamborghini, Roccobarocco, Think Pink, Caractere, SBK Superbike, and Enrico Coveri.


The first optical retail shop opens in the historical headquarters of Calalzo di Cadore, selling directly to the public. This first pilot shop is followed in the following years by the opening of other prestigious stores in the whole Triveneto region.


Demenego invests in the e-commerce and opens its own online store.


Demenego and Vam Investments, a private equity investment holding company specialising in buyouts and growth capital, have finalised a buyout transaction that saw Vam acquire an 80% stake alongside the De Menego family to grow the business with a view to innovation.


Demenego has seen the opening of a number of strategically located stores, a network of products and services that places the customer satisfaction at the heart of its business.


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