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Demenego family in the front line against the coronavirus

The Demenego family, owner of the company of the same name which has been operating in the optical sector in Italy for over 60 years, has taken note of the provisions issued by the competent authorities in response to the health emergency in the country and especially in northern Italy, and has decided to adopt the following measures to protect the health of its customers and employees:

1) Considering that the Demenego stores located in the territories affected by the emergency are not smaller than 300 square metres, the sales staff will ensure the access of customers in compliance with the provisions of the competent authorities.

2) In addition to the sanitary facilities already present in the company, please note that sanitary facilities are available in the stores to ensure hand washing with hydro-alcoholic solutions.

3) Para-healthcare professionals (opticians, orthoptists, optometrists) working in demenego stores have long since adopted all the provisions issued by the competent authorities for the containment of health emergencies.

In view of the particular moment the country is going through and in order to be able to contribute as soon as possible to the recovery from the emergency and the return to normality, the Demenego family informs that it has allocated a part of its resources to the health structures and research centres that are on the front line in the fight against the health emergency.


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