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How do I find the correct size for my glasses? Size guide

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Size Guide

How do I find the right size?

For most people, about 90% of our customers, the standard size is the right size, so it is very likely to be yours.

Most sunglasses and eyeglasses have their measurements printed on the inside of the left temple. The measurements may vary slightly, but taking the measurements of an older model as a reference will help you to easily understand the measurements of the glasses you want to buy.

What do the numbers on the frames of my glasses represent?

The size of the frame is given by the lenses, the bridge and the temples. If you find three numbers like 50/18/147 it means:

How to find your size:

Get a credit card

This is the indicative width of a standard size lens.

Stand in front of the mirror

In front of the mirror or a webcam, place one end of the credit card in the middle of your nose.

Stand in front of the mirror

A - If the credit card edge ends at the end of the eye, your size is the standard size

B - If it reaches well beyond the end of the eye, you should opt for a smaller size.

C - If the credit card does not reach the end of the eye, then choose a large size

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